The Przybyl Lab

Department of Surgery, McGill University
Cancer Research Program, 
Research Institute - McGill University Health Centre

The Przybyl Lab employs multi-omic high-throughput experimental methods and bioinformatic tools to discover new therapeutic targets and new markers for diagnosis and classification of soft tissue sarcomas. 
The goal of our research is to develop clinically applicable assays and investigate new therapeutic approaches that will improve care for patients with soft tissue tumors.


Sarcoma is a type of tumor that develops in different types of connective tissues, including muscles, fat, blood vessels, nerves, fibrous tissues, bone and cartilage. 
There are many subtypes of sarcoma, and they are classified based on the specific tissue and type of cell of origin. Treatment of these tumors depends on sarcoma type, location and molecular mechanisms driving tumorigenesis.

July is Sarcoma Awarness Month.